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Pure in Pandemic

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Transforming Grace

Hosted by
David and Robin Weidner
July 25th | 10:00 am EDT | Show in my timezone

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Longing for something new in these troubling times?

Feeling anxiety or the effects of past trauma?

Coronavirus is leaving a trail of devastation and fear. We are losing friends and loved ones, experiencing financial/career losses, and missing freedoms we used to enjoy. Even as Christians, spirituality doesn't prevent these losses, but it does offer a path of healing.

Do you long for a higher perspective?

Pushing down, ignoring or trying to out-perform our pain just leaves us stuck, constantly triggered by everyday losses. We try to fix ourselves and others. We over or under compensate. We push our pain sideways onto others, hurting our relationships.

Grace opens the door to healing and growth.

Enter God's amazing grace, his affirming presence. Grace is God's answer, not only to help us endure bewildering times, but also as a source of transforming power. Grace gifts us with a new, healthier way to see ourselves, spirituality and others. As God reminded the apostle Paul, his power is made perfect through weakness.

The voice of grace provides a new way to relate

By looking to the example of Israel and the apostle Paul, we will see how ordinary humans learned new ways to relate through God's affirming presence. You'll learn simple, practical tools that cut through the confusion and bring peace and wisdom.


About Dave and Robin Weidner

Dave and Robin Weidner lead Purity Restored, an international ministry devoted to helping others heal from insecurity, anxiety, abandonment, addiction and abuse. Dave has a B.S. in Organizational Psychology and a B.S. in Biblical Studies. Robin is a Certified Trauma Professional and Life Coach. She is the author of Secure in Heart, Eve's Song, and (with Dave) Grace Calls: Spiritual Recovery after Abandonment, Addiction or Abuse. Grace calls was the Gold Medal Winner for self-help/recovery books in the International Illumination book awards. Together Dave and Robin wrote Pure the Journey, a guide to obtaining a pure heart.

Dave and Robin are known for their groundbreaking vulnerability and honesty about their own individual and marital struggles with addiction and path to overcoming past trauma. They will celebrate their 40th anniversary this fall and have 3 adult children and one grandchild.

July 25th
10:00 am EDT